Software, "It’s not what we do".

08/09/2010 09:33:00 By Felipe Pessoto

Um interessante post(Software, "It’s not what we do".) do David Starr . Vou colocar o sumário aqui, mas vale a pena ler, não é um post técnico, mas importante:

"In summary, no matter what type of organization you work for:
Yes, you need to use source control.
Yes, you need to automate the build.
No, you shouldn’t be releasing the assemblies compiled on your machine.
Yes, you need to stop writing long methods and pay attention to code complexity.
Yes, you need to buy your developers the best tools available.
No, you don’t need to write your own logging framework.
Yes, you should be practicing test first development.
No, continuing to ship known defects is not acceptable.
Yes, you should understand who your customer is."

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