Top 10 Problems - Gerenciamento de Projetos

03/16/2010 22:03:00 By Felipe Pessoto

O blog ProjHugger, sobre Gerenciamento de Projeto, postou essa semana uma lista dos 10 principais problemas que novos usuários de projetos enfrentam. Vale a pena dar uma conferida:

#1: Forget that the schedule is not the project
#2: Believe that good scheduling software makes one a good project manager
#3: Put far too much detail in a schedule
#4: Track by percent complete
#5: Expect that automatic resource leveling should be able to alter reality
#6: Don't reign in effort-driven scheduling when it shouldn't apply
#7: Don’t distinguish work from duration
#8: Overestimate Resource Capacity
#9: Enter fixed dates
#10: Try to use Project as a free-form brainstorming tool